Friday, 9 September 2016

Magic Darts Wagon Wheel revamped


to have any real idea what I'm on about here, you should probably read the last couple of posts on this blog.


What I have done is I have revamped my Magic Darts Wagon Wheel, making the following changes:
  • each bed is now its own "half arch" shape, making the whole thing much cleaner, as I don't have several layers of arches lying on top of each other;
  • the spider is a bit wider and, together with the neat "half arches", this gives you a board which is much tidier-looking (there may be some gaps still, but it now has potential to look actually clean and tidy);
  • there is now an image of an actual dart board behind my shapes;
  • the big hit is coming now....
  • the beds now start WHITE and the transparency INCREASES with each hit, so what is revealed is the ACTUAL DART BOARD.
 In case you don't realise, this is quite a significant change. Hence the capital letters.

I haven't actually got it finalised yet but I did put one togther for Mensur Suljovic's historic win in the recent Happy Bet International Darts Open in Riesa.

The wagon wheel can be viewed here.

Not bad, eh?

Thanks also to @DanDartsDawson for suggesting the term "heatmap" to describe my invention. That may be a better name than magic darts wagon wheel. Feel free to discuss in the comments.