Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The week's tweet No.4

This week's "the week's tweet" is:

If Beyonce had called her smash hit "Crazed in love" then she could have created a clever eye rhyme with the song's guest rapper, Jay Z.

Also to be found in the original here.

Here is the summary of why this is so hilarious. I've broken it down to eight reasons.

1) Beyonce's song "Crazy in Love" is very old and no-one is talking about it anymore.
2) "Crazy" does rhyme (kind of, if you ignore the stress) with the way Jay Z is actually pronounced, because he pronounces the Z in the American way as "zee" rather than in the British way as "zed".
3) I'm British so I find pronunciation differences funny.
4) The sound rhyme Crazy/Jay Z[ee] is much better than the eye rhyme Crazed/Jay Z[ed].
5) There isn't really much scope for getting much mileage out of a rhyme between the name of your guest rapper and the name of your song - unless he uses it in his rap.
6) Jay Z already rhymes crazy with Jay Z in his rap on the song.
7) If the song was called "Crazed in love", lots of the other lyrics wouldn't work, like for example "Got me looking so crazed, my baby", where in the original the "crazy/baby" pairing is used for rhythmic niceness.
8) "Crazed in love" sounds terrible to begin with.

Tune in next week for next week's "the week's tweet"!

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