Saturday, 9 July 2016

Momentum Darts Wave


I have invented something.

Something called the Momentum Darts Wave.

The term "wave" is used because it's a bit ripped off Infostrada's football waves they made to show the ebb and flow of a game. And as Ebbe actually means low tide in German - and possibly even in English - "wave" is great because it's a bit to do with tides. Or at least the sea.

Anyway, here's what my Momentum Darts Wave can do.
  • gives you a visual summary of the ebb and flow of a darts match
  • updates live as the match goes on and you enter the results on a 3-dart-by-3-dart basis
  • lets you adjust the parameters so if you think 180s shouldn't be all that important you can adjust this well easily
  • also shows won and lost legs with a little bar
  • lets you change the colours so MvG can be green and Chizzy yellow.

The Excel file is slightly messy - I'm not an actual wizard - but it has some nice things like being able to easily adjust the parameters. And the live updating of the wave as you enter results is very nice.

The one (main) thing I guess it is currently missing is having an average worm visible on there as well, though maybe that might be one too many egg in the omelette. And it would require entering the 3-dart score every time, which you don't currently have to do. Anyone could make an average worm and overlay it if they really wanted to, I suppose.

I quite like it otherwise though.

Here's a link to the Excel file if anyone's interested. It's currently got the data for this match between MvG and Chizzy loaded into it, but feel free to use it for your own darts matches.

Also, if you have any cool ideas for how to improve it (obviously little things like making some of the cell references less dirty and more sustainable but also bigger things), then by all means let me know.

Please credit me though if using it on Sky Sports or your official Twitter feed. Thanks.

Herr Bench

Please, if clicking on the link - don't completely sabotage the online document. It would be much nicer to download and play around with your own version. Thanks.

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